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Menlo Park School

Menlo Park school is an international standardised School for both Junior and Senior high school with the main vision of bringing Indonesian youths in becoming change-makers at an International level.

The primary focus at Menlo Park School is to prepare students to be accepted into the best universities in the world. Menlo Park school is operated by a startup company Schoters, which has a track record of sending thousands of students into the world’s top Universities in 43 countries with more than 200 scholarships.

since 2019

About Schoters

Schoters is an education-tech startup whose mission is to help anyone who wants to study abroad through various study abroad preparation services.

Currently, Schoters is part of Ruangguru to bring Indonesian youth to compete and collaborate at the international level.


Our Student Success Stories

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Scholarship Awardee of the World's TOP 5 Campuses

Michelle Aurellia

ASEAN Scholarship 2021 Awardee

Fatih Akhtar Rahmanto

Scholarship Awardee of the World's TOP 7 Campuses

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Featured Teacher

Learn from the best teachers around the world!

Mr. Dzakwan

Math Teacher

Ms. Britania

Physics Teacher

Ms. Belinda

English Teacher

Ms. Pipit

Research Teacher

Mr. Joshua

Biology Teacher

Mr. Ikono

Entrepreneur Teacher

Ms. Belin

English Teacher

Mr. Syafiq

Chemistry Teacher

Ms. Meutia

Sociology Teacher

Mr. Fahmi

Economic Teacher

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Menlo Values


Students act morally right and take justifiable path based on religious practice and Pancasila values (to be an individual who advocate integrity and tolerance). They appreciate the importance of culture, context and community


Students are keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in structural, critical and analytical way. Ready to take intellectual risks (not take things for granted), able to communicate and defend their ideas and views as well as respect those of others.


Students take ownership of their learning, set targets and insists on intellectual integrity. They are able to be collaborative and supportive. Understand that their actions have impact on others and on the environment (reflective). Developing the awareness and strategies to be lifelong learners.

Global, Innovative, Versatile, Engaged

Students receptive to every challenges, applying their knowledge to solve problems. They are able to adapt flexibly to new situations. Students are embodied with the spirit of enquiry, work well independently and with others that make them equipped to participate in society (local and global level).

let's see

Menlo Achievement

Andrea S

Andrea S

Kakehashi Scholarship Awardee

James Djibu

James Djibu

The Best AI innovation for NASFIA 2022



2nd in Favorite Team Category on Startup Youth Indonesia Leadership Camp 2021

Kevin Sitepu

Kevin Sitepu

BIM Program Persiapan S1 Luar Negeri Awardee

Sahadin Nawaf

Sahadin Nawaf

Gold Medal in SEAMO 2022

Fatima Amentha

Fatima Amentha

Bronze Medal KRESNA 2022

Nayla Fauziah

Nayla Fauziah

Bronze Medal KRESNA 2022

Althafazrais Widyanatha

Althafazrais Widyanatha

Gold Award Scratch Animation on Indonesia Robotic Sport Cup

Michelle A Yudianto

Michelle A Yudianto

Asean Scholarship Awardee 2021

Theodore Jeffersen

Theodore Jeffersen

Best of Asean Youth Festa 2021

Balqis Kusuma

Balqis Kusuma

1st Runner-up on KARISMA (Karya Tulis Ilmiah Siswa dan Mahasiswa)

Adzra Ardelia

Adzra Ardelia

2nd Runner-up on SUMA painting competition

Izzati Rifqah

Izzati Rifqah

AFS Global STEM Innovators Program 2022 Awardee

Aqila Ainayya Z

Aqila Ainayya Z

AFS Global STEM Innovators Program 2022 Awardee

Gabriel Hakim

Gabriel Hakim

Junior Einstein Track on Grand Finale of IEEE YESIST12

And Many More…


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Within Menlo Park School being Successful Students

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This is what they say about MPS

“At Menlo Park School, I’m happy because I can meet fun friends, the study schedule is flexible and there are classes for coding practice too”

Althafazrais W

7th Grade

“at Menlo Park School, the curriculum is different from other schools. We dont just learn from the books, but also be able to experience it, which feels like more beneficial”

Andrea Nayla Sarafina

11th Grade

” As, a student, i really enjoy classes at Menlo Park School, Because im able to choose between classes i’d like to take in, im also more able to develop myself academically”

James P. Djibu

11th Grade

“Because of Menlo’s online learning system, so it’s flexible when studying. Menlo is also very helpful in preparing student portfolios for Studying Abroad

Clarissa Flaire

8th Grade

“Menlo Park School has the same goal as us, namely so that children can study at the world’s top universities. I also see that every teacher at Menlo is an expert in their field, even complicated material is explained more easily. Feels like I found the right school!”

Bunda Altha

7th Grade, Althafazrais Widyanatha

“I sent Carissa to Menlo because this school has the same goal as us, which is to help children go to school abroad by seeking scholarships. Apart from that, Menlo also uses the internationally recognized Cambridge curriculum”

Bunda Clarissa

8th Grade, Clarissa Flaire

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