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About Us

Menlo Park school is an international standardised School for both Junior and Senior high school with the main vision of bringing Indonesian youths in becoming change-makers at an International level.

We believe that 2045 will usher in Indonesia’s golden era, where the majority of the population will be youth. Menlo Park School is enthusiastically taking part in preparing high-quality young individuals who can not only collaborate effectively within the nation but also on a global scale. Established by Schoters and Ruangguru, we come with a proven track record of sending thousands of Indonesian youth to prestigious global campuses such as Oxford, Harvard, NTU, and NUS, with a diverse range of over 200 scholarships spanning across 43 countries. Join us at Menlo Park School and become a vital part of the world’s changemakers!

Foreword from the Founder

Dear Menlo School Park prospective students and parents,

We founded Menlo Park School with the passion to produce graduates who are outstanding and different from the others. If you want to produce something different, of course the method must also be different! That is what we will wholeheartedly facilitate in our school.

At Menlo Park, we ensure students will learn everything they need to be successful. We’re not going to force students to calculate the length of a volleyball court, memorize the sound of laws, or learn how fast a ball falls from a tree — we want students to be curious and eager to learn things that will be of real benefit to them.

With world conditions that often change, we realize that the way we learn will also continue to change. We want Menlo Park School students to be able to deal with these changes. Menlo Park alumni will be able to face global competition because we require all graduates to register and be accepted at the world’s top universities. Study various sciences in the best countries with the hope that students can contribute to the world and the universe.

Welcome to join the great mission to create a better world!

Our Goals

International junior and senior high school focusing on preparing 100% of its students for studying abroad with scholarships.

Our Winning Programs

Personalized International Curriculum

An International School offering a tailored Cambridge A-Level curriculum for preparation for studying abroad and scholarships. Define your own needs, subjects, and path with the Menlo Study Plan to achieve your dream of entering your Dream Campus!

Comprehensive Portfolio Building

Balance students’ academic and non-academic profiles by building a personalized portfolio through various activities such as competitions, student exchanges, or volunteering based on your profile, interests, and talents.

Experienced Teacher from All Around The World

Supported by experienced educators and practitioners from various top universities worldwide, such as Oxford University, Nanyang Technological University, Yeungnam University, and many more.

Our Amazing Student





Nathanael K

BIM Program Persiapan S1 Luar Negeri Awardee

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